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Big Beauty

Ice Facial Roller

Ice Facial Roller

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Rejuvenate your skin and make it glow with the Big Beauty™️ Ice Facial Roller!


  • UNBREAKABLE & REUSABLE - Save Money with this Refillable Silicone Cube for Multiple Use & Developed with Long Lasting Materials. For a Real Skin Boost Customize Recipes for Your Specific Skin Needs, Such as Lemon Water for Brightening, Green Tea for Inflammation, Cucumber Water for De-Puffing and Coconut Milk for Anti-Aging Benefits.
  • HYGIENIC, GENTLE & EFFECTIVE - Suitable for All Skin Types. Treats Acne Breakouts & Sensitive Skin. Can be Used After Facial Treatments to Help Calm, Soothe & Reduce Inflammation. Can Also be Used for Migraine Relief & Muscular Tension or Injury.

  • EASY TO USE - Battery Free. Comfortable to Hold. A Must have for your Beauty Regime. Refreshes & Brightens Skin. Helps to Improve Skin by Toning, Sculpting, Contouring, Lifting While Creating a Healthy Radiant Glow to the Skin by Stimulating Blood Circulation.
  • VERSATILE - This Revolutionary Cube can Target Many Skin Needs in One Use. While It Can Contour & Sculpt your Face Including Your Cheek Bones & Jawline, It will Also Tighten & Shrinks Pores, De-Puff Eye Bags, Prevent Wrinkles & Give you a Glow Up That Will Have the Compliments Coming Your Way.
  • PERFECT GIFT - Treat Yourself or a Loved One to a Gift That Keeps on Giving.
  • Less puffiness + A lifted effect
  • This is the biggest thing for me. I like to use this first thing in the morning (especially if I’m low on sleep or have an early meeting) after completing my morning skincare. As I get older, even one glass of wine or a few French fries shows the following day – my face can get so puffy! Similar to the ice roller immediately depuffs your face in an obvious way. 
  • A more defined jawline
  • When I use it, I do my whole face, neck, and chest but really concentrate on my jaw. We’re talking about the actual jaw bone, and then the skin above and below. It is CRAZY how much more defined my jawline is after ice rolling.
  • Less puffiness under your eyes
  • You have to be careful (the under eye area is so so delicate) but I always use this on my eye area – again, the depuffing benefits are so major.
  • Smaller looking pores 
  • It shrinks pores, temporarily! The cold temperature activates shrinkage, making pores look much less noticeable. Of course this effect is only temporary but it’s extremely noticeable.
  • Long term benefits
  • With daily use you’ll likely see that your skin is firmer, less red (it’s great for sensitive skin), and breaking out less. Inflammation is one of the biggest causes of rosacea, acne, psoriasis and (the most important one!?) premature aging. Since the ice roller reduces inflammation, using it daily can help with these things.
  • Other situational benefits.
  • I am focusing more on the skincare benefits of ice rolling here but this little gadget is a multi-task ! It’s amazing for headaches. It’s also great for soothing sunburn. Same goes for sore muscles. And if you’ve had a brow wax (or waxed other areas of your body for that matter), it is very soothing and will help reduce redness.


  • Do it in the morning.
  • The primary way I use my ice roller is to depuff and energize my skin. Remove from the freezer and roll it around the eyes, cheeks, and jaw line to reduce any puffiness.
  • Wash your face and apply your skincare routine.
  • This is the prep part – you want the ice roller to be the last thing you do.
  • Use upward strokes.
  • Concentrate on anywhere that’s puffy or bloated. Gently roll, and apply pressure as needed.
  • Use it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Honestly, even a couple minutes makes a difference but I think the sweet spot is definitely 5-10 minutes. You can use it on face and body. Do it while you watch the news!
  • For pimples + inflammation!
  • It’s amazing at soothing inflammation and taking down redness.

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